The Male Factor

Discover the ultimate book about Male Factor Infertility that can give you answers to your struggles so you can create a plan of action & increase the likelihood of conception


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For the man who wants to enjoy fatherhood but is struggling to get answers to his burning questions….

Are you one of an estimated 15% of men that is trying unsuccessfully to become a father?
Have you recently been diagnosed with male factor infertility (MFI)?
Has your doctor said you suffer from idiopathic infertility (infertility due to an unknown cause)?
Or perhaps you have ok or “borderline” sperm parameters but your partner still hasn’t gotten pregnant, despite optimally-timed intercourse?
If so, you’re not to blame. Infertility is a complex issue with various causes.
Online searches often lead to a dead end street - and most of the info simply won’t work in your particular situation.
And the person that should have the answers - your doctor - has limited experience or their suggestions haven’t moved the needle on your sperm parameters.
It’s time to take things into your own hands and get to the root cause of your fertility challenges.


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In The Male Factor, you will learn about

• How sperm are created and where things can go wrong
• How modern living contributes to male factor infertility
• Action steps at the end of every chapter
• How to increase your sperm counts and maximize your reproductive potential

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About the Author

Anne Lane is a board-certified Naturopathic Practitioner with extensive training in Reproductive Health in Europe and The United States. Anne is the founder of Conscious Preconception, a unique 5-point program where she helps couples increase their health and thereby increase their chances of conception, easy pregnancy and a healthy baby.